Authentic Package Day Trip

Ouirgane and the Authentic Package Day Trip (66km from Marrakech, around 2h roundtrip):

Our favorite excursion!!

- Market days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
- Discover the valley and Berber villages.
- Possibility to eat with a Berber family in a village at 2200 meters altitude (not recommended for people with heart problems). To get there, you have to go on mules or on foot (see prices: in the authentic excursion package).
- Possibility to eat at the restaurant L'Oliveraie with pool access included with the menu (not included in the tour price).
- Option: Plateau Kik.

The package (excursion, meals, mules), we believe, is a great experience to have when you come to Marrakesh. It is called the authentic package because of the beautiful scenery, the village life that can be discovered and the rural atmosphere. Once in Ouirgane, mules will be waiting for the ride of about 1:30 hours through the olive trees, rocks, houses and farms in the area. In the village of Tikhfist, you can enjoy a delicious meal (couscous + skewered meat or couscous + Berber tajine) with a local. We also advise you to go through the Kik plateau which offers a magnificent view.

Véhicule 4 people

700 MAD (64 €) (+ 150 MAD with option Plateau de Kik)

Véhicule 7 people

1 000 MAD (91 €) (+ 200 MAD with option Plateau de Kik)

+ 180 MAD / people to go on mules
+ 120 MAD / people to eat with a Berber family